Teng 1055Pc Tengtools Mega Master Mm/Af Tool Set (Nf)

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TCMM1055N - 1055 Piece Teng Mega Master MM/AF Tool Set A comprehensive 1 055 peice tool kit covering just about every type of regulary used technician s tools. Built up using the unique Teng Tools TC-Tray system and supplied in a TC806NF/TC803N/TCW807N 8-series ball bearing top box/middle box/roller cabinet combination. TCF01 brackets are included for securing the middle box to the rollewr cabinet. Teh TCW-SP01 side plate is also included for hanging additional tools on the outside. Overall weight around 185kg.

A massive 1055 piece tool kit one of the most complete toolkits supplied in the Teng Tools range.

Built up using the unique Teng Tools TC-Tray™ modular system and covering just about every tool most people ever need including imperial sockets.

Set has a total of 51 TC-Trays plus many other items suitable for the Automotive Technician.

Supplied in a TC806NF / TC803N / TCW807N 8-series ball bearing slide top box/middle box/roller cabinets with combination locks (no keys). See in-store for full kit details talk to you TengTools stockist or visit www.tengtools.co.nz for more information. Watch this Video to learn more about the Teng Tools GET ORGANISED TC Tray Concept.

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Everlasting Power Guarantee

The Teng Tools "Everlasting Power Guarantee" means that we undertake to exchange or repair this item should it ever fail or break under normal working conditions due to faulty workmanship or material.

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